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An Urban Legend

Ustad (left), Salim (right)

After seven dying days into the Indian Ocean heading towards Australia, our leaking boat broke up just hours to Hoshmore’, the northern Australian Island, and we were, then, arrested and brought to Immigration Detention Center, Manado City, North of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia in April of 2011. We (137- men, women, children) were lucky having survived the tragedy with some minor injuries when the boat hit a shore and broke into pieces.

Out of twelve Afghans who had been here since 2010, eight were already issued refugee status by the UNHCR and were transferred to Jakarta — Indo’s capital– soon after we arrived here. Currently, they are waiting for their cases be processed further for the grant of Australian Visa. The remained four fellows have been so nice to us, particularly, Ustad Taj Muhammad Hazara. This morning they’re, too, leaving for Jakarta.

Ustad, as we call him, is a very humble and kind man. One can only expect good affairs and intentions from him. In order to stay fit, we’ve been regularly attending his Martial Arts Class organized three days a week during last few months. With so much patience, he has trained all of us that we’ve grown addicted to him and his exercise classes along with his good humored nature, loud, strong tone and his sweet pieces of English phrases he chewed up loudly every now and then as officers visit detenees here.

Back there, in his home town, almost every other person knows him by face or name. He’d been promoting Martial Arts Kung-Fu Toa for more than thirty years in Quetta, Pakistan, with attending several national and international tournaments with the tag of Maisam Tammar Kung-Fu Toa Association and winning almost all the Golds in most tournaments. He has trained uncountable number of students into strong and healthy social participants. Many of his students are now out side the native land. What’s special about him is that he has never been just a Kung-Fu master, he’s rather more popular for the influence he has into students’ moral values and correcting their character flaws. As has been already proved to us, he’s a loveable guardian plus a honorable teacher.

Also, an article on wikipedia by the tag Taj Muhammad Hazara provides a comprehensive account of his life.

Though his notable students are many, Ali Ahmedi is the one popular in Australia. He’s an Australian Sports icon, Actor and a symbolic Afghan immigrant.

Ustad is leaving us this morning, heading towards his future, desperate about his destination but, as always, passing warm smiles to anyone he happens to meet.

Some of Men are just more than a single physical machine, only by their absence you reckon how empty your surrounding is with many still around. We will miss him and all the stuffs related to him.

His famous Say:
“Nisfi na’an Bukhar, Takra bash”(Take half a bread and be Active).