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Hazara Asylum Seekers

February 09, 2013

MOHAMMAD Hussein is in no-man’s-land. The 30-year-old Pakistani from Quetta, where about 120 people were blown up in multiple terrorist attacks last month, has been waiting in Indonesia for 10 years for refugee status to enter Australia. The bomb blasts are a rude reminder of why he won’t budge from his objective.

Now he’s lingering in the waiting room of Jakarta’s immigration centre, a respite from the detention area and a reward for his interpreting skills. Sometimes the illegal immigrant ventures into the teeming metropolis “to refresh my mind”. But he always returns to his home of two years. He has nowhere else to go and no money.

Contending for the past decade with an overburdened bureaucracy that perhaps regards his case as tenuous, or disingenuous, the Shi’ite Muslim has been shunted from one Indonesian detention shelter to another. He is fluent in Farsi, Urdu, Bahasa Indonesia…

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همیشه بی بی مهرو

از خواب برخاستم. پیامی از مادرم،عظیمه، را در ایمیلم یافتم. مادرم می نویسد. این بار رویدادی را که در همین اواخر شاهدش بوده نوشته است و امید دارد شما بخوانید و با دیگران در موردش حرف بزنید.

قربانی شدن یک دختر به خصومت های فامیلی

عایشه با فامیل خود در یکی از قریه های جوزجان زنده گی می کرد. در آن قریه، خانهء کاکایش هم بود. یکی از شب ها به خانه کاکایش رفته بود. خانم کاکایش که از اول خصومت داشته با فامیل عایشه، این شرایط را به پسر خود آماده ساخته که به عایشه تجاوز کند. عایشه نامزاد هم دارد. شب پسر خود را به جان دختر روان می کند. دختر بسیار شرمندوک و هیچ از این گپ ها آگاهی ندارد. بسیار وارخطا میشود. باز هم به حق او ظلم شده، کار تمام می شود. مادر پسر برای دختر لباس های خود را می دهد. لباس های او…

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Asmat Hosaini

Martial Arts expert Hussain Sadiqi was born on 10 march 1979, in the central highlands of Afghanistan Oruzgan Province. He began his Martial Arts training when he was only 9 years old. He attained the top ranking Martial Arts person in Afghanistan in his early young age and become a national champion of Martial Arts at the age of 16. At the age of 18 he became the captain of Afghanistan National Team. In 1999 unfortunately he had to flee Afghanistan because of several years of war and becoming a target due to his high Martial Arts profile.

His journey began in 1999 when left Afghanistan in search of a new homeland at the age of 21 Hussain Sadiqi was considered a Taliban target due to his high martial art’s profile and well known he was easy to be located at the same time his family paid 5000USD to a…

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