The Revolutionary's Tale

Children of HazaraHazara victims

For justice they weep,
the women, men and children
as the dead lie in the open,
as the winter crucifies
the living, as they mourn
the carnage displayed in Quetta
As the children huddle together,
for the warmth, in the biting night
alone, in their grief
alone in their quest,
for justice and for comfort

As they search
children those alive,
in search for the dead,
their friends and the gardens
where they played
only remains the smoke,
the mingled limbs and its horror
the question what do we bury
not this, we remember of them,
the humans that were alive
only the silence of the night,
wrapped up in the bewildering screams,
the whispers of tragedy and its burden
alone they carry, in these streets
the dead and their souls

The repeated patterns,
of decadence and negligence,
the forgotten people,
of Pakistan,
in Quetta and all around
as peopleā€¦

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