Asmat Hosaini

I am Hazara carrying Mongol facial feature mostly living in Afghanistan, where mainly inhabit the Hazarajat region. It is about the third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. About 350,000 Hazara living in Iran and over 121,000 Pakistani Hazaras mostly living in Pakistan’s largest province Baluchistan, small number of Hazara have migrated to Australia, Europe and North America in search of better and safe life for them and their up-coming generation to live in peace.

Hazaras have a unique place and dwelling in the history of cultures and ethnicities for they are only that held oriental and other mixed background as well as communion with the religion of Islam. It is unlike to find another such nationality with the same characteristics. Hazaras are identified by their specific characteristics; Asian like eyes, nose and may more Asian physical attributes. They are most oppressed and most mistreated ethnic in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And…

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