Saleem's Perspective

Gothenburg Conference: Hazara Genocide in Pakistan;  Challenges and Solutions

Organized by Shahmama & Salsal National Association, Sweden.

December, 01, 2012, Gothenburg,Sweden.

Speakers at the conference:

  • Ustad Kazim Yazdani (Historian, author of ‘a research in the history of Hazaras’): A Brief History of Hazara people
  • Dr.Saleem Javed (Freelance journalist, human rights activist): Hazara genocide in Quetta—Timeline and Motives
  • Prof.Dr.Ishtiaq Ahmed (Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Stockholm University. He is also Honorary Senior Fellow of the Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore.): Religious and Sectarian Minorities in an Ideological State: The Case of Pakistan.
  • Ali Dayan Hassan (Director at Human Rights Watch, Pakistan, Asia division): Deteriorating Human Rights Situations in Pakistan
  • Prof.Nazir Hussain (Educationist and social activist, Quetta)
  • Ustad Boman Ali Qasimi (Writer, social activist): Hazara Persecution in Afghanistan
  • Aref Farman (Novelist and president of Association for Protection of Afghan Refugees in Iran’): Closing speech and…

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