Hazara News Pakistan

By Haider Changezi

April 13, 2012 – Group Captain (Retd) Cecil Chaudry; a twice decorated war hero loses his battle against cancer; a sombre moment indeed. His passing away reminds me of the 1971 war – a war which Pakistanwas fighting with itself; it’s Eastern Wing. It ended on 17th Dec 1971 when the Pakistan Armed Forces surrendered and East Pakistan finally declared itself an independent country Bangladesh. This war reminds me of two war heroes;

The first hero is Wing Commander Mervyn Middlecoat. On the outbreak of war on 3rd Dec 1971 Wing Commander Middlecoat was sent on a strike mission inside enemy territory – on his way back from a successful mission he was engaged by enemy aircraft and in the ensuing dog fight shot down. He ejected but landed in Shark infested waters…his body was never found.

The other war hero is Flight Lieutenant Samad…

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