Open (Petition) Letter | Plight of Asylum Seekers in Indonesian Jails

Hazara Asylum Seekers

October 25, 2012

Following is the letter of asylum seekers and refugees detained in one of the Indonesian Detention Centres. We are publishing it in its original form.

To:      UNHCR Main Office, Jakarta
CC:      Immigration HQ Office, Jakarta; IOM Office, Jakarta
From:  Asylum Seekers (203) detained in Lapas Cilegon Jail
Subject:  Petition Letter (Open Letter)
Dated:   25 Oct 2012

We are a total of 203 immigrants, mostly Afghans, intercepted in
different locations and detained in a gov jail in Cilegon, West Java.
A first group of 67 immigrants were transferred to this jail on 25
Sept 2012 while shortly after other immigrants were transferred here.

The following are the serious problems and threats that we face:

a) The asylum seekers are detained in official gov jail as if we are
criminals. Most of them are registerred with UNHCR thus receiving
asylum seeker status. We believe…

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