Almost 1000 people have died trying to enter Australia, study finds, including 27 in detention centres

Hazara Asylum Seekers

October 23, 2012

ALMOST 1000 people have died trying to enter Australia in the past decade – 27 of them while in Australian detention centres.

But none of the deaths in detention centres are recorded in the Australian Government’s deaths in custody records, sparking calls for greater transparency.

The Border Crossing Observatory, based at Monash University, has been compiling data on border-related deaths since 2000.

The group’s Australian Border Deaths records show 964 deaths have been recorded in that time, including estimates of passengers missing from shipwrecked vessels, believed drowned.

Of the 27 deaths in detention, two occurred in offshore facilities, four during apprehension or deportation and 21 in onshore facilities.

The Observatory’s Professor Sharon Pickering said while each of the deaths were related to the operation of Australian border controls, very few were considered deaths in migration custody and accounted for by the Government.

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Prof Pickering said given the…

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