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Almost 1000 people have died trying to enter Australia, study finds, including 27 in detention centres

Hazara Asylum Seekers

October 23, 2012

ALMOST 1000 people have died trying to enter Australia in the past decade – 27 of them while in Australian detention centres.

But none of the deaths in detention centres are recorded in the Australian Government’s deaths in custody records, sparking calls for greater transparency.

The Border Crossing Observatory, based at Monash University, has been compiling data on border-related deaths since 2000.

The group’s Australian Border Deaths records show 964 deaths have been recorded in that time, including estimates of passengers missing from shipwrecked vessels, believed drowned.

Of the 27 deaths in detention, two occurred in offshore facilities, four during apprehension or deportation and 21 in onshore facilities.

The Observatory’s Professor Sharon Pickering said while each of the deaths were related to the operation of Australian border controls, very few were considered deaths in migration custody and accounted for by the Government.

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Prof Pickering said given the…

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Open (Petition) Letter | Plight of Asylum Seekers in Indonesian Jails

Hazara Asylum Seekers

October 25, 2012

Following is the letter of asylum seekers and refugees detained in one of the Indonesian Detention Centres. We are publishing it in its original form.

To:      UNHCR Main Office, Jakarta
CC:      Immigration HQ Office, Jakarta; IOM Office, Jakarta
From:  Asylum Seekers (203) detained in Lapas Cilegon Jail
Subject:  Petition Letter (Open Letter)
Dated:   25 Oct 2012

We are a total of 203 immigrants, mostly Afghans, intercepted in
different locations and detained in a gov jail in Cilegon, West Java.
A first group of 67 immigrants were transferred to this jail on 25
Sept 2012 while shortly after other immigrants were transferred here.

The following are the serious problems and threats that we face:

a) The asylum seekers are detained in official gov jail as if we are
criminals. Most of them are registerred with UNHCR thus receiving
asylum seeker status. We believe…

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Insight: Pakistani death squads spur desperate voyage to Australia

Hazara Asylum Seekers

By Matthew Bigg, Matthew Green and James Grubel

QUETTA, Pakistan/PUNCAK,Indonesia | Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:30pm EDT

(Reuters) – It was 3 a.m. when Abid Warasi and his friend clambered into an Indonesian fishing boat, joining 300 other migrants packed into the hold. Only a few days away by sea, Australia seemed tantalizingly close.

Six hours into the voyage, the craft overturned. The two teenagers clung to the upturned hull. One by one, survivors lost purchase and drifted away, their dreams swallowed by the warm waters of the Java Sea.

“When the boat capsized, the dead bodies came floating above the water,” Warasi said, recounting his ordeal in the Indonesian hill town of Puncak, just south of Jakarta. “Our hearts were so sad for them and we were waiting for our own time when we would die.”

The heroism that would ensure the pair survived 48 hours in the water…

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