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Editor’s note: Recently we came across a heated debate on Twitter between two regular columnists of Pakistan’s Daily Times, Dr. Mohammad Taqi and Yasser Latif Hamdani. Yasser also co-edits Pak Tea House blog along with Raza Rumi. In this post, we are cross-posting the two articles and also publishing some of the reactions on Twitter.

Through posting this debate and the heated exchange, we seek to have views of Pakistan’s oppressed minority groups, particularly the Balochs. What do our Baloch friends think about

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Pakistan Blogzine

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Not unlike Ejaz Haider, Najam Sethi, Raza Rumi and other urban elites who

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Afghanistan Analysis

U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta recently made comments suggesting that U.S. combat role would end in Afghanistan by mid-2013. This came as a shocker to many. The U.S. had insisted – in fact, cajoled other NATO members – to contribute troops and resources to the Afghanistan war. Other U.S. officials tried to do damage control, but Panetta set the tone for the May Chicago conference, where  the final timetable of withdrawal will be decided.

These comments came just before the NATO defense ministerial meeting in Brussels, where discussions were supposed to be held on the future size of the Afghan national security forces (ANSF). NATO member countries are going through a tight financial squeeze, so the apatite for sustaining a a 350,000-strong security forces for Afghanistan – the current projection for Oct. 2012 – was not strong. France said it would be happy with a 230,000-strong force, while the U.S. preferred…

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I often speak of the heart. This sacred organ is unlike any other in the body, with attributes that are more intangible than one might realize. The heart is the gateway to the mind.

Most tend to think of the brain as being the center for thought, consciousness and emotion; full of electrical signals and synapses that give us our human qualities. In fact, the brain does work its own magic, but consider the wonders of the heart.

The heart generates greater than 60 times the amplitude of electrical activity found in the brain. Even more astounding, the heart also generates a magnetic field that is over 5000 times greater than that produced by the brain. This field can also be detected several feet away from the body, which one might say gives weight to the phenomena of the aura and the theory of morphogenic fields.

When a disturbance is…

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Stability and Love, Tolstoy’s letter to his wife.

Nice reflections

Casual Insults… How we view others in our own minds?